Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania : Goodbye Nahin, See You Again – A TRIBUTE To The Team

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya
Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya
Priyanshu Jora And Namita Dubey - Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania
Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania

Dear #TeamBBKD,

It is said that ‘happiness is not measured in time, but by the number of moments that seem to stall time’. And it is these moments that are cherished the most, because of its fleeting occurrence.

There were some, like me, who stumbled upon your show by chance and it provided an unexpected burst of joy, while there were others, for whom watching your show and the happiness that came with it was the product of a conscious decision. But, none of us were prepared for what your show did to us- it swept us off our feet and stole our hearts away. What else can one expect when a unique cocktail of beautiful cinematography, heart-touching narrative, an endearing script and a powerhouse of talented cast ensemble is mixed together? You poured your heart and soul into your show and the positive vibe emanating out of this was enough to brighten up anybody’s day.

The basic premise of BBKD hadn’t been extraordinary at all. Neither was it promoted to be extraordinary. All that it promised us was that it will touch our hearts and right until the last episode, you never failed to deliver on your promises. How else could we have fallen in love with a loud, obnoxious family trying to find a bride for their beloved son? What could have possibly been attractive about a self-sacrificing sole bread-winner of a family of 13 people? How did we end up rooting for yet another version of a happy-go-lucky girl trying to find her way through life? With each new episode, our pre-conceived character notions started crumbling until it became a norm to expect novelty in the most mundane of situations.

Despite being an epitome of perfection, Abhishek Pant had his moments of weaknesses. Somewhere beneath Meera Raizada’s happy-go-lucky façade was a misunderstood and restless pixie. Amidst all the double-standards of the crazy Pants, were heartfelt emotions and genuine adoration. An absolutely untamable bunch of misbehaved and lazy kids, joined hands together get their bade bhaiyya his dulhania.

In your show, a hoard of characters traversed a journey with each other and we laughed and cried with them. If Kapil shocked us with his transformation from a ruthless bully, to a caring elder brother…Mona, Sona and Avni never failed to get a smile on our faces with their contrasting demeanors. The bond between Abhishek and his mother and the uncanny connection they shared, despite the physical distance, was beyond beautiful.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya
Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya

Babli filled our hearts with pride, because despite her physical disabilities, she never lacked conviction. She fought for her son’s happiness till the very end. Abhishek’s never-ending attempts to make his mother take her medicines on time, trying to juggle the house-hold chores with the help of his beloved notepad,Amma and Babli’s tug-of-war interspersing with their love for each other, always made us grin. Ramraj-Madhu chachi, Amma and Prahlad Raizada astonished us with their ruthlessness and their underlying love for their children.

We were thrilled when Jaya Raizada finally found her voice and realized her daughter’s true happiness and gave her daughter the courage to break off a worthless marriage. Meera and Sanjay’s jiju-saali bond was envied and celebrated at the same time. The relationship between Abhishek and his partially autistic brother, Rohan was so special, because instead of evoking sympathy, it commanded respect. We cried when a heart-broken Abhishek found solace on Rohan’s shoulders…and Rohan, with the help of his Meera didi found the courage to face his fears. And as though a cherry on the cake…was the irrepressibly cute journey of your show’s bade bhaiyya and his dulhania.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya
Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya

There was never any pretense about the way Abhishek and Meera felt about each other. Instead there was an unapologetic, genuine adoration for each other. For the longest time, they called it as a simple friendship, until Abhishek, the wiser of the two realized it was more. It took Meera a while to get there, but when she did, we all lived the moment with her. We cheered as she chased her way towards her true home. We were amused, exasperated, happy and giddy as Abhishek and Meera finally listened to their dil ki bhasha. We were jubiliant when the junior Pants finally brought their most beloved Meera didi home…as their Meera Bhabhi and we were so excited for bade bhaiyya and his dulhania’s adventures with the crazy Pants and Raizadas.

But alas…our anticipation turned into bafflement and sorrow, with the news of your show going off air. And what are we left with now? An interesting chapter that is half-finished only because the book has been abruptly snatched out of our hands.

How will Abhishek-Meera handle the craziness of the Pants and help each other evolve? Will Abhishek ever complete his engineering? Will Meera find her passion in life by managing the homestay? Will the kids and their Meera Bhabhi team up in crazy antics? Will Ramraj-Madhu ever become less selfish? Will Amma ever stop taking Abhishek for granted? Will Babli ever stop hoping for her husband’s return? Will he ever return?

So many chapters left unexplored…yet, your show must not go on. And it pains us because we know that if could, it would.

Very often, things that are in a league of their own don’t belong to any rat race…and when they are pushed towards one, they begin to lose their spirit. We could see you faltering because of this pressure, we understood…yes, we did. We felt so helpless and angry. But when you rose amidst it all with your head held high in pride and dignity, we were awed…you regained your spirit and showed them all: sometimes it’s better to lose gracefully, than to keep attempting a worthless win. But we do not have the courage or immensity of your hearts…and we will never be able to forgive the cause of this injustice. Even though we will cherish the choti choti khushiyan that BBKD has provided us…we will hold onto your promise of ‘Goodybe nahin, See you again!”.

We hope that one day, just like Meera found her way towards Abhishek despite all the odds, you too, will find a receptive medium that respects your talent and hard-work…and you will be able to come back to us with a Season 2 of BBKD.

– BBKD fandom

Written By – Madhura

Disclaimer : The article has been published under the viewers’ uncut section.



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