Balika Vadhu – Ganga’s Future With Or Without Amol As She Fights With Death?

Balika Vadhu
Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu
Balika Vadhu

 Balika Vadhu, the longest and socially enlightening serial airing on Colors has more twists and turns ready for its avid viewers. The current phase of this daily soap takes us to the days of parenthood and its complications.

As Ganga (Sargun Mehta) and Jagya (Shashank Vyas) reach the culmination of their relationship, their child’s fate lands in Ganga’s hands. With great wishes and perseverance, Ganga and Jagya’s child is born and proudly named Amol by Anandi (Toral Raspurtra). The fragile situation in which Ganga is post child birth leaves the families and viewers stunned.

Within the upcoming episodes, Jagya will come to know about his beloved’s health which will slowly deteriorate with each passing day. The heart wrenching episodes are bound to melt the hearts of the viewers.

While Jagya and Ganga would be busy in capturing the slipping time from their hands, Anandi and Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) would be left upset as they would lose hopes of adopting Amol due to the current situation.

Deepening the scars of wounds left by Ganga’s deteriorating health, Kalyani dadisa is informed of Ganga’s breathless feeling. Gasping for air, will Ganga survive or will it be her last?

Among the emotional drama and painful saga of reality faced by rural or urban women, Balika Vadhu has captured the pure essence of pain, sheer joy and perhaps the pressure faced by many going through child birth while still being aware of complications.

However adding some relief to the pain felt through the protagonists’ eyes, the week’s end will give Anandi and Shiv a grave surprise. A ray of hope shall always rise, like the dark clouds have to always awaken to the sunrise.


Author: A. Patel

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