Barun Sobti Joins Twitter – Seven Things Fans Have Been Doing Since He Joined

Barun Sobti
Barun Sobti

The dashing Barun Sobti has recently joined the social media platform, Twitter and it seems he has opened the floodgates of his fans’ emotions. Before Barun could get one tweet out, fans flocked to his profile and started following him. It didn’t take long for Barun to start trending on Twitter in Mumbai after he joined. We’re going to take a look at the seven things fans have been doing since Barun joined Twitter.

Barun Sobti Now Is Your New Twitter Home
Barun Sobti Now Is Your New Twitter Home

Twitter has become the second home

That’s right, fans of Barun Sobti would live on Twitter if that were possible. They are not turning off their phone or the notifications and are constantly refreshing their feed on Twitter just to see Barun’s mentions.


  1. haha can relate to all of the above. People are looking at me a if i’m crazy as i can’t stop smiling even when i’m walking on the road


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