Beautiful Tale Of Love – Jodha Akbar!

Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar

When one hears the name Jodha and Akbar one tends to think about the stories they have heard about Jodha and Akbar’s undying and unconditional love. When one has to give a face to the characters of Jodha Akbar in a 3 and half hour movie they are reminded of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodha Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwairya Rai Bachchan. If Hrithik and Aishwairya brought the character of Jodha Akbar alive on the big screen, Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma got these characters alive and to your drawing rooms every day in Zee Televisions’ Jodha Akbar produced by Balaji Telefilms.

Week after week right from its inception on 18th June 2013 the television series of Jodha Akbar continues to mesmerize and entertain the audience. For Rajat to don the role of the Mughal emperor and for Paridhi to be the perfect Rajupt Princess, these two actors are an apt choice and they are doing a commendable job.

The love story of Jodha Akbar spiced up with the making of Balaji Telefilms is surely a good watch on the television. The current scenario in the show is focusing on misunderstandings between Jodha and Akbar which have been created by Maham Anga (Ashwini Kalsekar) and to top this there is a Vishkanya Benazir (Meghna Naidu) who has come with the vile intentions to kill Jalal under the instructions of Abul Mali.

While Jalal is unaware of Benazir’s intentions, he is in a way using Benazir to make Jodha jealous. Totally unaware of the fact that he is fraternizing with the enemy, on the other hand Jodha is clearly affected with her husband Jalal’s closeness with Benazir. This tit for tat business showcased between Jodha and Akbar in the television series is very endearing to watch.

While Maham Anga is unaware that Benazir has come to harm Jalal, she is pushing Benazir towards Jalal only with the intention to push Jodha further away from Jalal. This pushing and pulling business is adding the tadka to Jalal and Jodha’s love story.

Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar

Between the turmoil of emotions which Jalal and Jodha go through, the two of them are always there when the other need them. We believe that even this time around Jodha will save Jalal’s life from Benazir; after all it is always the heroine who happens to be the hero’s saviour or vice-versa. Only time will tell if and when Jodha gets aware of Benazir’s vile intentions how will she put forth the truth and save her husband.

Along with this, the current track is also focusing on Jodha’s sister Shivani’s (Pragati Choursiya) wedding with Jalal’s cousin Mirza while Shivani loves another guy Tej. All these elements are ought to spice up the drama in the show and it would be interesting to see how Jalal and Jodha together solve this Mirza, Shivani and Tej complex situation.

On the other hand we also feel Jodha clearly has feelings for Jalal but still not come to terms with it. Even Jalal seems to have a special soft corner for Jodha which he is unable to understand and express. Thus the ‘Tu-tu, Main-main’ camaraderie all put together between Jalal and Jodha bring about a beautiful tale of love.

Like all you viewers, even we hope that the current misunderstandings between Jalal and Jodha are put to an end and the two of them start afresh. But when and how long this would take to happen only time will tell.

Till then don’t forget to watch Jodha Akbar; Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM, only on Zee TV. And do let us know in the comment section why do you like watching Jodha Akbar.

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Author: Surya Ravi

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