Behind The Scenes Look At Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna – PHOTOS

Shrenu Parikh in Ek Bhram - Sarvagun Sampanna

Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna starring Shrenu Parikh, Zain Imam, Ishaan Singh Manhas aired the first episode at 7pm today. It has been a while since Star Plus came back with a thriller story to tangle the audiences in a journey with twists and turns, after Ek Haseena Thi.

With the show having begun with Janhvi’s story, let’s have a look at behind the scenes look at Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna stills which will want you to look forward to the upcoming episodes.

Shrenu Parikh
Shrenu Parikh

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