Beintehaa: Hurt, Tears, Anguish Ahead For Aliya and Zain

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Will Aliya and Zain’s anguish and pain reduce? Will the two of them find a common ground and learn to co-exist in Beintehaa?

Fortune Productions’ Beintehaa has been entertaining the audience right from its inception. The makers have been incorporating various twists and turns in the show to keep the interest intact. Beintehaa depicts the story of Aliya and Zain who are forced to marry due to various misunderstandings and miscommunications. Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao essay the characters of Zain Abdullah and Aliya Haider/Abdullah.

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Recently the audiences witnessed Aliya and Zain getting married without their will and in the current scenario the show is at a phase where Aliya has left Bhopal and is now residing with her husband Zain in Mumbai at his home Barkat Villa. Aliya has come into a new home where she is facing difficulties one after the other and to top it all Zain too is leaving no stone unturned to create problems for Aliya.

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Aliya is in a tough situation right now and the only people who are expressing care towards her are her Mamu, Zain’s father Usman (Naved Aslam), Fahad (Vivek Madan) and the three kids in the household. Aliya is facing tough time with her mother in law, Surraiya Abdullah (Suchitra Pillai) and her two elder sister in laws (Gunjan Vijaya as Nafisa Abdullah and Namrata Pathak as Shazia Abdullah) showing Aliya in a bad light in every chance they get. She is indeed in a fix where her MIL and SIL’s are scheming against her and misunderstandings are increased between her and her newly wed husband.

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If Aliya is facing tough time then Zain too is on the same boat. On one hand he is married against his wish and to top that, his mother is filling his ears against Aliya and in this situation Zain sways to whatever his mother is saying and is ending up judging Aliya wrongly.

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Seems like even in the coming episodes Aliya and Zain are going to go through a lot of pain, tears and anguish. The audience would witness Aliya getting hurt when Zain refers to their wedding as an embarrassment. Furthermore Surraiya will plot and scheme going a step further against Aliya and she decides that she will make Aliya cry at her Walima which in-turn will make her regret the wedding. The viewers will also witness Aliya going to the mall with Nafisa where she would be accused of shoplifting and on the other hand Zain is taking to alcohol in the given situation.

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It looks like a lot is in store for Aliya and Zain. Will their anguish and pain reduce? Will the two of them find a common ground and learn to co-exist? All these and more will be known as and when the story of Beintehaa progresses.

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Author: Surya Ravi

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