Beintehaa : Nafisa’s Character Has Different Shades Which Will Come Out Soon Says Gunjan Vijaya

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Beintehaa – Saving Barkat Royal

Like a shadow to his wife, Zain (Harshad Arora) has slowly become her protector unaware of the subtle attachment brewing within himself. This week, in the test of time comes a ray of hope. Aliya (Preetika Rao), who sold the family jewelleries in exchange for money, had to face the wrath from Surraiya begum. Like her knight in shining amour, Zain clears his mother’s misunderstandings by presenting the fake jewelleries. Admist the drama, Fahad (Viviek Madan) discloses the truth that behind Aliya’s behavior to his brother Zain.

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For the first time Aliya received the love of a brother whom she longed for in the name of Fahad. As the blind fold dissimulate, Zain begins to understand Aliya. The marriage may have been forced, but now without realizing both Zain and Aliya are coming closer to each other and are getting to know each other better.

Leaving a seed of friendship, Aliya and Zain join forces to root out papers of Barkat Royal that are been kept as temporary deposits.

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It will indeed be a pleasure for viewers to witness Aliya and Zain pull off a 007 bond film like mission as they try to free the papers.

However Shazia (Namrata Pathak) and Nafisa’s ploy to dismiss each other will be gaining attraction. When contacted Gunjan Vijaya who plays the character of Nafisa (Gunjan Vijaya), she said, “Nafisa’s character is waiting for this golden opportunity and she will definitely strike back.  It’s simple, she won’t leave this opportunity to chuck Shazia out. And Nafisa’s character has different shades which will come out soon.”

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Surely Aliya has a lot to face as the three vamps spew up a new plan. Crackling chemistry between the lead protagonists’ and a powerful story that’s simple yet so convincing has yet to bloom in the coming days. As the bond increases between the two, it will surely get the challenge between them fade away.

Surely the progressing story would be an icing on the cake for all.

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