Bepannaah : 5 Qualities of Aditya Hooda That Sets Him Apart And Make Him Memorable!


Adita Hooda’s character is certainly someone we find quite unique in tellywood. Many a times, heroes on television are wavering between either cruel or harsh or loving and romantic towards their heroines.

And we usually see the heroes through the eyes of the heroine and her circumstances.

But with Aditya Hooda we get to see the hero through his circumstances, and get to see a journey that is separate yet intertwined with the heroine’s journey in the story.

Here are 5 qualities that make Aditya Hooda so Unique for us:

Harshad Chopda As Aditya From Bepannaah
Harshad Chopda As Aditya From Bepannaah

1) Valid Anger:

Aditya Hooda’s angry phases and outbursts towards Zoya, aptly portrayed by Harshad Chopda, have always seemed quite valid, needed, even though at times a bit unfair towards Zoya.

But it is because of these words and challenges that he kept projecting and pushing at Zoya, we saw the character progress and growth of Zoya, while it also helped take out the negativity in his heart that he harbored towards Yash and Pooja for their affair.

Never in my viewing of Hindi soaps have I found a male character who could express their anger in a way that was justified, understandable and relatable.

And despite the unfairness towards Zoya, Adi’s venting out was needed for the next stages of the Adi-Zoya relationship.

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  1. Adi is one of the best heroes on TV currently!!!

    The other two good ones being Maahir (Naagin 3) and Vivaan (Kaleerein), not counting Dev ( Dev 2) as it is a thriller!!!!


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