Bepannaah – 5 Recent Adiya Moments That Are Driving Fans Crazy!

Aditya and Zoya in Bepannaah

In the last few weeks of Bepannaah the makers have ramped up the cute moments between Adiya. All these moments have been driving the fans crazy and making them wish Adiya were a real life couple or that they had a boyfriend like Adi who would do such Bepannaah pyaar showing moments.

Here’s a look at the 5 favourite moments of the two cuties from the past few episodes:


1) Noodling or Canoodling: Yesterday’s moment when Zoya fed Adi the noodles she prepared for him, melted the fans hearts.

After all the doe eyed cute stares of Adi were to die for and the cute laughter and moments the two shared when Zoya cooked and then fed him.

And seeing the two together like that even Arnoor thought the two were canoodling like two lovers lost in their love for each other.

The cute, simple, cozy moments these two share with each other is what makes this show such a favourite for us.

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  1. The shower was one of my favourites!!!

    I loved it how Zoya stoop up to those aunties and Adi just stood quietly by without trying to take over!!!

    I loved his answer that it is HIS bedroom and HIS bathroom!!!!

    The night scene with ArNoor was best!!!


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