Bepannaah : Here’s What We Loved In The Episode Post The Wedding Drama!


After the high intensity of the past 3 episodes, we got a much toned down episode today in terms of twists and reveals.

We barely touched the core of what is going on with inspector Rajveer and his motives. But the current status quo is that Aditya at least suspects that Rajveer has plotted a huge conspiracy against him and Zoya. But Zoya is still not completely sure about Rajveer and his machinations. At least she does trust Aditya.

Things we loved about today’s episode:


1) The confrontation dialogues of Arjun to Rajveer in order to prevent Rajveer from arresting Adiya.


2) The supporting dialogues of Noor for her sister Zoya in front of Yash’s mom, to counteract all of Mahi’s lies about Zoya.

3) The fact that both Arjun and Noor’s efforts failed to change anything much for Adi or Zoya.


4) When Zoya fainted, Adi catching her and his concern for her and unwillingness to leave, of course melted my romantic heart, despite the fact that his move to not leave could have been both a concern for Zoya and a escape mechanism for himself to not getting arrested immediately. Though I do suspect that is concern for Zoya topped his priorities.


5) Mahi was supremely evil and manipulative today and managed to convince her mom to be pro her despite Mrs. Arora knowing about the level of manipulations Mahi is capable of executing. I quite admire Vaishnavi for her acting skills and her expressions and mannerisms that make us hate her for causing so much pain to Zoya.

Readers what were your favourite moments from today’s episode? Do you think that Adi and Zoya running will be a good move?

I am waiting to see what unfolds tomorrow based on the precap, and I am also curious to see how everything plays out.

I do wonder about how Adiya will be able to get out of the mess, if they run from the police.

I am divided on whether I want a nice running adventure for Adiya or if I want them to be caught. Is there a chance of Adi getting shot, what do you all think?



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