Bepannaah : Is Aditya’s Own Family Responsible For Pooja And Yash’s Murderer?


Colors’ popular daily soap Bepannaah is currently in a very interesting and intriguing phase. The show is entertaining all with its twist and turns.

The revelation that Anjana is the one who has held Sakshi captive was revealed to the audience recently. Just by a whisker Aditya and Zoya missed seeing Sakshi held captive in the Hooda house.

With Anjana in the negative avatar as she does not want anyone to come in between her son Aditya and her, the story has taken an edgy turn.

Zoya’s growing closeness with Aditya is already troubling Anjana and going forward what mishaps will fall on Zoya courtesy Anjana’s possessive attitude only time will tell. This twist indeed makes the storyline thrilling.

The viewers recently witnessed Anjana telling Sakshi the fate of people who try to create a wedge and come in between Aditya and her. Going by Anjana’s behaviour does this imply Anjana has a hand in the end Pooja and Yash met?

Did Anjana have something to do with Pooja and Yash’s accident and death? The audience has to wait and watch to see how the suspense unfolds.

For now soon the viewers will get to see at gun point Sakshi video calling the Hooda brothers, Aditya and Arjun. Sakshi will talk to them and express her disinterest in returning back. Making it clear she does not want to.

What do you think is Ajnana the face behind Yash and Pooja’s death? Do share your views in the comment box below.

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