Bepannaah : Rajveer To Torture Zoya, Can Aditya Save Her On Time?


Colors’ Bepannaah is a very gripping show. With Aditya and Zoya acquitted from Pooja and Yash’s murder charges the daily soap is in an intriguing phase.

Currently as the after effects of the court case Zoya is fuming with anger on the way Yash’s image was tarnished to prove Aditya and her innocent.

Going forward the viewers will witness Eid celebrations in the daily soap. Amidst the Eid festivities, Aditya will try and patch up with Zoya.

But that is not all. Rajveer will make an appearance at the Eid party. Disguised Rajveer will enter the venue and plant bomb inside the speakers in-turn putting the lives of the Hooda’s and the Siddhiqui’s in grave danger.

And before you think that is all, hold that thought right there! That is not all. The audience will witness Rajveer kidnapping Zoya.

Rajveer will torture Zoya and cause her distress knowing about her health condition.

With Rajveer trapping the family and holding Zoya captive, it has to be seen whether Aditya can save the day on both the grounds.

Can Aditya save his family, along with Zoya’s and will he be able to reach Zoya and save her from Rajveer’s clutches at the nick of time? These questions make the upcoming drama in Bepannaah thrilling and exciting.

What are your views on the upcoming storyline of Bepannaah? Do share your views in the comment box below.

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