Bepannaah – The Denial, Anger, Sadness, Acceptance and Dilemma of Aditya Hooda


Bepannaah has made an interesting turnaround in its story dynamics post leap. Prior to the leap we had Zoya who was always crying and suffering because of the circumstances surrounding her marriage and her love Yash’s death.

While now it is Aditya who is crying and suffering because of the circumstances surrounding his love for Zoya.

Here’s a look at what is happening with Aditya, and why we are loving this new plot of Bepannaah, despite us missing the fast paced mystery element in the plot quite a bit.


1) Denial:

Ever since Adi has come back from Paris, he has been denying his feelings for Zoya. Each moment he spends with her, he treasures and remembers incessantly, be it the midnight ice-cream run with Zoya, or the tight hug she gave him post his return, or the night when he searched frantically for her and was afraid to lose her as she lay unconscious in his arms.

In this denial phase, he has been running away from Zoya, rather than confront his increasing feelings for her.

We hope the precap we saw yesterday is showing us audiences the ray of hope that he will eventually reveal his feelings to her.

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  1. Everything put perfectly, except that I never felt Adi was sad about letting Pooja go. In his imagination, he imagined Pooja saying Zoya is his first love which means he too was made to believe n he believes that he never loved Pooja (though I didn’t like this take at all, Adi surely loved Pooja in his own way). So there’s nothing about being sad for letting het go, I guess. He didn’t forward his hand towards Pooja for even a micro-second. He was only concerned about their past because first, the society and other thing is the destiny that they met due to the extra-marital affair of their respective spouses n that’s a complicated relationship which may overshadow their future relationship at times. That was the only thing he had to do with the past I guess.
    N as u said, even I feel Zoya will come out to be a bolder version than Adi, considering the way she gave back to Kuku aunty the other day. I so want both of them to have different insecurities n fears relating to their past and both of them working on eachother’s fears n making way for a relationship that will be only their’s!


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