Bepannaah : The Top 22 Best Dialogues And Moments Of Aditya Hooda! – IN PICS


Ever since Aditya Hooda confessed his love to Zoya, he has been quite fascinating in his pursuit for Zoya’s love confession.

While it is quite evident to Zoya’s mom and sister and Adi that Zoya loves him implicitly, it has been quite an uphill battle for Aditya as Zoya unreasonably and fearfully keeps denying her feelings towards Adi.

Here’s a look at the 22 best moments, scenes and dialogues from Bepannaah that has the audience captivated with Aditya Hooda and his undeniable and undying love for Zoya:

1) “Beshumaar, Beyhadh, Bepannaah Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai Tumse”:

Aditya’s first declaration of love to Zoya was one of the best love confession in a series not only because the words were passion and depth filled, but also because it was stated in such a matter of fact manner as a truth that is undeniable and unwavering.

Harshad Chopda’s portrayal when confessing Adi’s love for Zoya, had the right elements of nervousness in confessing his love in front of Zoya’s family and the equally measured confidence in his love for Zoya.

When Zoya questions Adi about the prank phone call the hesitation and admission of his guilt and the hurt of Zoya being angry at him, was perfectly acted as well with his soulful eyes and nuanced facial expressions and body language.

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  1. Adi’s dialogues always have been wonderful!!!!

    Zoya is annoying now!!!

    Washim is inhuman!!! Even when Arshad signaled Noor to attend to Adi, Washim stopping her and taking away the first aid box was such a low act!!! He didn’t even try to maintain an image in front of his would be son-in-law!!!


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