Bepannaah : This Is How Zoya Turned Out To Be The Key To Hoodas’ Happiness!


Monday’s episode of Bepannaah was an absolutely beautiful example of when, “you are destined to be , everything falls in place!”

Arjun was SO right when he admitted to self that Zoya and Aditya are destined to be together.

• Aditya addressed his dad as “Paa” after sixteen long years, just for Zoya! He mended his years long issue with his dad in merely seconds, just for Zoya!

• Harshvardhan Hooda got his “Cheeku” back because of Zoya!

• Hoodas shared a family hug after sixteen long years because of Zoya.


In short and sweet words, Zoya is the key to Hoodas’ happiness.

What Zoya did for Hoodas in just a matter of month, Pooja could not in years.

When Aditya talked rudely with Anjana in front of Zoya, she reprimanded him but Pooja never tried to correct Adi in these years, not even for the sake of basic manners.

Zoya has not even entered the Hooda mansion properly and has already given them their biggest happiness, their son, back!


On the other hand, the Siddiques’ had a happy reunion and Waseem Siddique is definitely going to end up liking Aditya enough to trust him with his daughter’s life.

A happy episode all in all, excluding Rajveer and Mahi’s cheap planning to assassinate Zoya’s character.

Also, apart from the other things, Bepannaah taught us something else too, a very important lesson, for that matter.


Bepannaah taught us that when our Parents disapprove of something, it eventually turns out to be harmful for us.

In both Aditya and Zoya’s case, their parents never really approved their choice of life partners and see, how it turned out to be!

Now, before anyone of you says that Pooja was accepted by the Hoodas, let me tell you, Hoodas might have accepted her as their daughter-in-law only because they would have had no other option. Aditya was not cordial with them anyway to give any importance to their disapproval if they would have expressed any!

But when it comes to AdiYa, I feel, both the families are going to accept them happily and with open arms.

Let’s wait and watch!

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