Bepannaah : Top 5 Moments From The Week – IN PICS

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Bepannaah has been going strong exploring the Adiya interactions and emotions this week. We are quite loving this newer aspect of Aditya’s self-introspection and maturity, and Zoya’s free spirit and childlike enthusiasm.

Here’s a look at the top 5 favourite moments from Bepannaah that made the audiences fall even more in love with Adi, Zoya or Adiya:


1) Aditya’s Past and Future:

Aditya’s inner introspection as he struggled with letting go of the baggage of his past with Pooja was one awesome moment.

Harshad Chopda quite rocked the scenes with Shehzad Shaikh and Namita Dubey as he came to terms with his past, present and future, and these scenes were our most favourite scenes between Aditya-Arjun and Aditya-Pooja.

We quite loved this side of Adi as he showed concern over the consequences that Zoya would face if he and Zoya decided to get together.

His maturity in understanding Zoya’s perspective showed how much Adi has grown up and changed in the 6 months.

This mature side of Adi we wouldn’t have seen, if not for his fated interactions and eternal connection with Zoya.

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