Bepannaah – What Twists You Can Expect In The Upcoming Episodes As Hinted By The First Week!


Hello Fuzedom! Happy weekend to ya all and I hope, you guys are having a great one!

Okay, so Colors’ newly launched show, Bepannaah completed it’s first week and I don’t know about others but the first episode itself had me hooked to the show.

So, as promised in the promos, Bepannaah is the story of how Zoya Arora née Siddique and Aditya Hooda become each other’s healer (eventually) after being cheated on by their respective life partners Yash Arora and Pooja Hooda and I really appreciate how the makers did not drag much but came right on the point within the first week itself.

The storyline is gripping, intriguing and the way it unfolds with emotions and drama just makes it a really good watch. The writer has done a great job and the actors are equally great in executing it.

I absolutely LOVED how we got to know about the backstory through the dialogues. It just left more impact than it would have if done the other way and the writer deserves appreciation for it.

For instances –

• “Ek cheater ne doosre cheater ko agni di.. Immigration ka koi problem hi nahi.. seedhe swarg jayegi..”

This dialogue by Aditya tells how much he despises cheaters and that his dad cheated on his mom hence he hates his dad too.

• “Tumhe yahan koi jaanta hi nahi.. Sab tumhare saamne tumhari baatein kar rahe hain kyunki kisi ko nahi pata ki tum Yash ki biwi ho..”

This dialogue by Maahi tells that in the five years of her marriage with Yash, Zoya never visited Mumbai.


There are few more but I’m sure you guys already know about them.

So, moving on to the dialogue by Aditya that was quite symbolic –

“Jo toota hai woh ab kabhi nahi judega.. Aaj toh iske chhote chhote hisse hue hain. Toota toh ye pata nahi kab tha..”

Aditya referred to their relationships with their respective partners while using Yash’s specs as a mere excuse and Zoya did understand that.

Coming to some more symbolisms and foreshadows –

• When Aditya hit the plate full of colour in the air and Zoya’s white dress turned colourful — Indicates that Aditya will be the who will bring back the colours of happiness in Zoya’s life.

• While Aditya was trying to catch some sleep in the church which was dark and cold, Zoya walked in and lit the candles — indicates that Zoya will brighten up Aditya’s life which is full of darkness after Pooja broke his heart into tiny pieces.


• Zoya declared to Yash that, “Agar tum pilot hote toh main tumse kabhi pyaar nahi karti..” because of her fear of flying but eventually, she will fall im love with “Pilot” Aditya Hooda because he will help her in overcoming her fears.

Well, the start has already been made. Even though unknowingly but Aditya did help Zoya in making the decision of staying back in Mumbai……..contd.

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