Bepannaah – What Twists You Can Expect In The Upcoming Episodes As Hinted By The First Week!


All in all, the first week of Bepannaah was high on emotions, interesting, dramatic and mysterious at the same time with the mysterious factor involving only Harshvardhan Hooda and Wasim Siddique for their shady actions and dialogues.

Yash and Pooja died in an accident holding each other’s hands which broke Aditya and Zoya’s bubble of a happy married life.

But is that all? Was it a simple accident? An accident that was fated to happen?

Well, there is much more to it than what it looked like and It would be stupid of us to take things on the face value and ignore the subtle hints.

• When Zoya’s mother was trying to call Zoya and Yash and couldn’t reach either of them. She asks her husband, Wasim Siddique to call Yash but he says,

“Woh phone nahi uthayega..”

Of course, he covered it up saying that Yash never receives his call but the way he was confident that Yash won’t receive the call, raised a suspicion and it got more strong when the mechanic came to inform Wasim Siddique that his car has been repaired.

So, again, was that accident a natural one or a planned one? — POINT TO PONDER! …….contd

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