Bepannaah : Why This One Single Shot Will Forever Be A Memorable One For The Viewers!

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Standing on top and at the edge of the parapet wall, Aditya Hooda had to make a choice. A choice that is bound to be life altering and life changing for him and his close ones!

On one pedestal his past is stuck to him like glue, which he is unable to wash off. On another pedestal, he is getting pulled towards Zoya, like she is his magnet and he is her metal. In short Aditya Hooda is torn.

As the mirage of Pooja extended her hand to pull him back to his past, there stood Zoya extending her hand beckoning Aditya towards his ‘future’.

If Pooja’s hand could lead Adi to the past, where misery was awaiting him, Zoya’s hand could lead him towards ‘their’ future which Aditya’s heart craves for.

Torn between his past and present, now is the time for Aditya to make a choice for his future. Choice of closure or choice of reopening the cuts of the past. No wonder he is torn, but as they say neither the choices in life are easy nor is love.

Mire of his past or renewed freshness of the future, while the choice may seem easy for a viewer, but standing in Aditya Hooda’s shoes at the present, it is the toughest call he has to and needs to take.

This is Adi who was married to his best friend in the past and she cheated on him. This is Aditya who now has fallen in love for the first time and is holding himself back. And this my dear readers is Aditya Hooda for you, the man who is fighting his demons and dealing with his turmoil, all in the quest to make the right choice and never falter, slip or go wrong again!

This one shot for sure is going to be etched in the heart, mind and soul of every Bepannaah viewer. It highlights Aditya’s struggle and battle with himself, while a war rages on, on the outside.

The complexities of bottled emotions came pouring out, as Aditya Hooda stood at the edge with nowhere to go, leaving the ball of ‘CHOICE’ in Aditya’s court for once and for all! Thumbs up to the makers for making the moment memorable on screen.

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