Bepannaah’s Aditya Hooda – How The Character Succeeds In Ruling Our Hearts! Part 2


Continuing with our favourite reasons for loving Aditya Hooda from Bepannah, here are the top 5 moments from episode 20-40 of Bepannaah that make Adi so endearing.

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Here’s our Next 5 Moments from Bepannaah that made Aditya Hooda Rule our hearts.

Bepannaah’s Aditya Hooda

1) Brains:

Aditya Hooda is one male lead character, who does have a bit of a smart brainy thing going in the story too. He isn’t the typical male characters being used as a pawn by the women in the story.

So despite Mahi’s attempts to recruit Adi into causing trouble for Zoya, we see Adi switch sides in Zoya’s favour, most times.

In episode 22, after the crashing wedding fiasco, Aditya figures out from the social media videos about Mahi being the cause of the accident, which raised Aditya Hooda in our esteem for being observant.

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  1. Agreed on all points hands down! Adi has been well written so far and had been well executed too by Harshad Chopra! Hoping to see more of him with Zoya!!

  2. Harshad chopda is the reason why We Love Aditya Hooda! no one can play it better than him! his everything is perfect! like his expressions, expressive eyes, his dialogue delivery, his heartbroken, his sense of humour we love everything about him

  3. Harshad Chopda is the reason we love Aditya Hooda! the way he plays the role no one can do this! his expressions n his expressive eyes help us to fall in love with him!

  4. Agree completely. We can’t have this perfect Aditya Hooda without Harshad Chopda enhancing the character with his nuanced performance.

  5. Either this way or that way Aditya Hooda always impressed us with his phenomenal performance and left us longing for more, hats off to Harshad Chopda sir for bringing this character to be natural


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