Being The Best Father To A Child As We Learn From Mohan Bhatnagar : Image and Line of The Day

Mohan Bhatnagar
Mohan Bhatnagar, Nanhi and Rimjhim

Every image carries a message. Every smile and every tear has something to teach. Every flower doesn’t smell but what smells good doesn’t need to be a flower always. Life is hard yet small things make it beautiful. From now, to make your day start with a message and with a theme, we hereby bring you pictures of your favourite stars merged with little bit of tit bits from life’s experience as even they don’t realise when they make us learn things from them! Just to make your day good? Hopefully our ‘Image and Line Of The Day’ would be a good start for all our readers to start off their day with.

Image and Line of The Day :

It’s not a line today but a poem! A dedication from a daughter to a father!

Nanhe Nanhe kadmo se
Chalna to main seekh gayi
Gir bhi jaaun to kya darr
Thaam kar ungli tumhaari,
Uthna to main seekh gayi

Chhat pe baithe taare ginte
Ginte ginte, thak haar jaate
Aasmaan se hum shikaayat karte
Uske oonchaayi ki hum buraai karte
Angraayi liye tab tum aate
Aangan se hi udna sikhaate
Aasmaan se aage, duniya se pare
Humein har oonchaai ki sair karaate

Sapna tha mera
Jeevan ho humaara
Phoolon sa rangeen
Magar kimat lagi, uske liye, badi sangeen!
Kaanton ke beech makhmal bichaaye
Phoolon se tum khushboo churaaye
Chutte aur chavanni jode, duniya tum basaaye
Sapna mera poora kiya bin sar jhukaaye

Sawaal aaya mann mein ek
Poocha tumse sochke anek,
‘Kya Jadoo aata hai tumhe?’
Muskuraake tumne kaha,
‘Bas… Pyar aata hai humein’
Hua hairaan, ‘Kya Sach mein Sapna, Pyar se hota itna Acha?!’
Ek baar phir muskuraaye
Tum humein seekhaye, ‘Agar Pyar Sacha, To Baaki Sab Acha’

Mohan Bhatnagar
Mohan Bhatnagar, Nanhi and Rimjhim


A Dedication To All Our Fathers!



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