The Best Heroes Of Sony Entertainment Television Till Date!

Best Heroes Of Sony Entertainment TV Till Date

Sony Entertainment Television has always been the one to give us unique concepts to watch. Ever since, it has made us come across so many amazing and different variety of male lead characters and amazing actors playing them.

The actors till date are proving to be an asset and even the new ones be one of their kind. Let’s take you all to some of the most favorite and popular heroes of Sony’s fictions till date.

Hiten Tejwani
Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani For Kutumb

He probably was the first anti- hero who was loved so much and beyond. If one looks back today his character was highly regressive. However, at that time and even today his character Pratham Mittal makes your heart skip a beat. Hiten became an house hold name ever since and still remains everyone’s favorite.

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