Best Non-Saas Bahu Shows On Indian Television

Indian Television
Best Non-Saas Bahu Shows On Indian Television
Indian Television
Best Non-Saas Bahu Shows On Indian Television

Saas-bahu shows have become a part of Indian shows. There is always the meek bahu and the power hungry saas that rules over her. It has become a recycled theme so it’s always refreshing when there are shows that don’t have the saas-bahu drama as their main concept. Today we’re going to take a look at the top ten shows that don’t feature the typical saas-bahu drama.

1. Rang Rasiya
Rang Rasiya is based on the lives of people staying near the borders and how their lives are affected by the border security force and terror groups. It’s interesting to see how some people put the fear of the security force into the minds of their villagers and carry out criminal activities. It has a very realistic and relatable concept and of course the love story is an added plus. The story is loosely adapted from Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’.

Indian Television
Rang Rasiya

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2. Main Naa Bhoolungi
This show is unique in the sense that it is a suspense show with the added masala of thriller. That’s not to say that there isn’t romance because there definitely is romance, but a show like this is quite rare on Indian television. The direction of the show is very interesting and definitely deserves a lot of praise.

Indian Television
Main Na Bhoolungi

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3. Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar is an historical adaptation and is a very popular show on television topping the charts. The theme and the sets are beautiful and depicts the Mughal era. The storyline and acting of the lead actors are very strong. The show depicts the love story of Akbar and Jodha. Jodha Akbar is currently running high at the TVM charts and is one of the topmost shows on Indian Television.

Indian Television
Jodha Akbar

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4. Mahabharat
Mahabharat is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of India. A show based on the epic saga is bound to be a must watch. It depicts the story of the Kauravas and Pandavas who are competing for ruler ship of the throne of Hanstinapur.

Indian Television

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5. Qubool Hai
It is the first show after a long time that is based on Muslim background. The love and romance quotient in the show has been highly appreciated by fans and is one of the main attractions for the viewers. The show has its fair share of negative characters; however, it has stayed away from the typical saas-bahu drama. The show has been hugely successful on Zee TV.

Indian Television
Qubool Hai – Asad and Zoya

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6. Dil Dosti Dance
This show is based on dance and it focuses on college going kids who consider dance as their utmost passion. The kids are creative and very hard working. The show deals with real problems of new age teenagers or kids who are entering into adulthood. The show also has lots of romance with the two main couples; Rey (Kunwar Amarjit Singh) and Kria (Shakti Mohan) and Swayam (Shanthanu Maheshwari and Sharon (Vrushika Mehta).

Indian Television
Dil Dosti Dance

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7. Adaalat
This is a thriller show that mainly deals with court cases and how the shrewd cunning lawyer (played by Ronit Roy) get into the cases to reveal the real culprit. It is also interesting to see how the cases are investigated and how lawyers deal with it. The show has been running for years now and has truly engaged the viewers.

Indian Television

8. Veera
The show started off with the beautiful story about a brother and sister. The main focus of the show was the caring nature of the brother towards his younger sister. The two child artists won over the hearts of the viewers during their run on the show. After the gradual leap, the show is still gaining numbers in terms of viewers and is still depicting the beautiful bond between the brother and sister.

Indian Television

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9. Crime shows: Crime Patrol, Gumrah and Savdhaan India
Crime Patrol presents the dramatized version of crimes that were committed. Gumrah shows crimes or crime related incidents that were committed by young adults. Savdhan India- India fights back presents crimes committed in India and the voices that were raised against it. There are several crime shows running on Indian TV currently. Most of them are doing good and are gaining attention from regular television viewers. Crime Patrol is one of the longest running crime show on television.

Indian Television

The shows have a high amount of viewership. These shows tell us that crime can happen anytime, anywhere just that one has to be aware of the dastak of the crime and always be savdhaan/alert for the happenings in and around you. Gumrah is hosted by Karan Kundra, Crime Patrol is hosted by Anup Soni while Savdhaan India is hosted by Sushant Singh.

Indian Television
Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India

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CID is the longest running show on Indian television. It has received positive critical reception globally. The show is based on a team of detectives that belong to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Mumbai. The way the investigations are carried by ACP Pradyuman and his team, intrigues the viewers. The show has also registered its name with the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Indian Television

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11. Comedy Nights With Kapil
This show has had all of India laughing with comedy genius, Kapil Sharma. Kapil usually acts out skits on the stage with side characters. He also interacts with the live audience and the guest of the show, Navjot Singh Siddhu. There’s always a celebrity guest on the show who are there to promote their upcoming project.

Indian Television
Kapil Sharma

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Some other shows like Jee Le Zara, Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon,  Saraswatichandra, Ye Hai Mohabbatein although being majorly love stories still have little tidbits of saas bahu drama here and there.

The latest offering of Sony TV Ek Nayi Pehchaan showcases the refined and modern day mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship and the show does not follow the typical old school of saas bahu drama.

These are our top non saas-bahu shows. Was there a show you would have liked to see featured in this article? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze!

Note : – The list is based on the current on-air shows.

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