Best Performances Of Nach Baliye 6

Best Performances Of Nach Baliye 6
Best Performances Of Nach Baliye 6
Best Performances Of Nach Baliye 6
Best Performances Of Nach Baliye 6

Nach Baliye 6 contestants have definitely stepped up their game. They have brought us many amazing performances that left not only the audience wowed, but the judges as well. Nach Baliye is coming to an end so today we’re going to highlight what we feel were the 10 best performances thus far.

Bruna and Omar on Tum Hi Ho
This couple proved that you can dance anywhere! They did a good majority of the act underwater. They made it look so easy, but it is actually very difficult. The choreography was perfect as it gave them time to get up from under the water and catch their breath before going back underwater and the transitions from under water to over water were so quick and integrated in the dance so well.

Nach Baliye 6
Bruna Abdullah and Omar Farooque

Asha and Rithvik on Saree Ke Fall Sa
Asha and Rithvik were flawless in this performance. They looked great and they didn’t miss a beat. The choreography was better than in the movie. Rithvik and Asha made this song theirs with the expressions and their dancing. They were brilliant in the dance. Rithvik and Asha stole hearts with their Saree Ke Fall Sa performance.

Nach Baliye 6
Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi

Ridhi and RaQesh on Khuda Jaane
This was not an easy dance to pull off on an unbalanced prop. Ridhi and RaQesh made it look so effortless. The prop was like a boat, only it would move side to side. It’s difficult enough to dance on stable ground, but to pull off such a wonderful act on something that is moving from side to side is commendable.

Nach Baliye 6
Riddhi Dogra and Raqesh Vashisth

Gurmeet and Debina on Behne De
This act was fierce from the start. Debina is the Queen of the jungle and is romanced by Gurmeet. The lifts were flawless, especially the one where Debina balances her whole body on a stick and then transitions onto Gurmeet’s shoulder. Gurmeet also spins Debina on the stick. Gurmeet kills Debina at the end and ends up becoming the King of the jungle.

Nach Baliye 6
Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee

Vinod and Raksha on Sunn Raha Hain Na Tu
This act was so emotional and heart-warming. Vinod and Raksha displayed the tough time they had when they wanted to be with one another and their parents weren’t agreeing to their marriage. During the act, Raksha lays down on Vinod’s back and he lifts her up completely was beautiful.

Nach Baliye 6
Raksha Thakur and Vinod Thakur

Ripu and Shivangi on Aas Paas Hai Khuda
Ripu and Shivangi are not actors, but they pulled off the acting filled dance performance so well. Shivangi had to dance blindfolded throughout most of the act and they did not miss a lift or beat. It was just flawless. The whole act was very emotional and it touched hearts.


Nach Baliye 6
Shivangi Verma and Ripu Daman Handa

Ankur and Kanika on Tip Tip Barsa Paani
This performance was beautiful. There was a lift wherein Kanika basically slides over Ankur and ends up by his feet and it was so smoothly done that it looked like water traveling down his body. They also added comedy into the act which made it that much better.

Nach Baliye 6
Kanika Maheshwari and Ankur Ghai

Yash and Amrapali on Jaane Do Na
They used a car as a prop. This performance and the chemistry were sizzling hot. There was a lift and drop wherein Amrapali could have hit her head really hard on the roof of the car, but it was executed so perfectly that her head was barely an inch away from the roof.

Nach Baliye 6
Amrapali Gupta and Yash Sinha

Rithvik and Asha’s Jodha Akbar act
This act was a little short of 5 minutes long and it summarized pretty much the whole movie in those 5 minutes. The dancing was beautiful and they even put in some sword action between Akbar (Rithvik) and Jodha (Asha). It was like seeing a movie on the sets of Nach Baliye 6. Rithvik and Asha performed the dance act to perfection.

Nach Baliye 6
Asha Negi Rithvik and Dhanjani

Gurmeet and Debina’s Barfi act
Debina performed as Jhilmil perfectly. She put in the slight bit of awkwardness, yet remained flawless in her dance. There was a lift where she held onto one of Gurmeet’s arms and he spun her around which was left the viewers awestruck. The Barfi act by Gurmeet and Debina was really magnificent.

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary
Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary


The performances were randomly ordered as each one was amazing. Which performances made your top 10 list? Who do you want to win Nach Baliye? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze!



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