Beyhadh 2 : These Steamy BTS Captures Of Maya And Rudra Will Make Your Day Special!

Shivin Narang And Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh 2

Maya and Rudra aka Jennifer Winget and Shivin Narang, this terrific duo from Sony TV’s Beyhadh is raising the bar of the chemistry the on-screen jodis emit these days.

The two have been making their way to the clan of popular jodis owing to the equation they share in the show.

And now as perfectly the day would have it, these behind the scenes pictures from their upcoming steamy sequence have been doing the rounds and how.

Smeared in paint colors, the two are emitting fire and the passion it takes to set the screens ablaze.

We can only fathom the chemistry coming to life in the upcoming scene but for now check out the pictures right here –



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