Beyhadh Promo Review – A Glimpse Of The Result Of Maya’s Beyhadh Pyaar! – VIDEO

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SONY TV’s Beyhadh went out of track for a few episodes with a sane, relatively calm and composed Maya which was hard to digest knowing how Maya really is.

Guess, makers understood that and the new promo gives us the glimpse of the most awaited track, the beyhadh pyaar of Maya.

In the Mauritius episodes, we witnessed how Maya gave birth to the future track where she would be the one controlling Arjun and his life while Arjun would be helpless about the same.

The new promo is all about it. The show has taken a leap of three years and the voice over says, “Teen saal baad Mohabbat banegi dehshat” which indicates that now, Arjun hates Maya’s “Beyhadh” Mohabbat but the poor chap cannot do anything about it because he is completely trapped in Maya’s “MayaJaal.”

Also, what makes the promo really exciting is the background song. The lyrics goes –

“Tujhe Pyaar Karte Karte,
Teri neend tak udaa Doon..
Aaun jo apni hadh pe,
Tujhe kya se kya banaa Doon..”

Check out the promo below –

We don’t think, there’s any need to say anything because the lyrics say it all. Now, that’s Maya for you ladies and gentlemen! Beware of her Beyhadh Pyaar. Arjun ko kya se kya banaa diya Maya ne ye toh aapko dekhna padega from 21st March, Monday to Friday at 9pm, only on SONY TV!

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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