Beyhadh Upcoming Alert : Look Who’s Setting Up His Own Doom By Attacking Maya! – VIDEO

Beyhadh 2

The story of twists and turns and the suspense build up is on its peak and you know you love the thrill you get to watch with all this when you’re watching none other than ‘Maya’ on your screens.

Jennifer Winget, the stunner who enacts the character in Sony TVs ‘Beyhadh’, Season 2 is already stealing the thunder once again with her acting chops in this polished show.

With the latest turn of events in the show, wherein a lot is going in lives of Amit, Rishi and Maya and how crucially these three are intertwined and how they in turn effect each other is a worth a watch.

From the upcoming, we’ve got some little gist and pictures that would brief you with what you can expect to come up in the show.

The offscreen video shows a clip where Ankit, who’s Rishi’s friend, is trying to hurt Maya. The latter is struggling to get out of the muddy pit and the pictures thereafter show a one on one between Ankit and Maya.

Now that’s something we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss. Do what are you waiting for? Look at the clip right here and get your popcorn ready for tomorrow!



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