Beyhadh’s First Court Room Drama Episode : It’s Lawyer Saanjh Mathur’s Show ; Aneri Vajani Rocked!

Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh
Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh
Aneri Vajani As Saanjh Mathur In Beyhadh
Aneri Vajani As Saanjh Mathur In Beyhadh

Oh Yeah! Today’s episode of SONY’s Beyhadh was all about the lawyer Saanjh Mathur and we loved it! “Jaahan se dosti ki hadh khatam hoti hai, lawyer ka farz shuru hota hai..

As Aneri said in an interview given to Fuze, that in future, Saanjh will very much be seen fighting in the court, it’s finally happening and how!

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She was not “Duffer” ki “Dusky” in the courtroom. She was only and only, lawyer Saanjh Mathur who knows nothing but her job. The way Aneri pulled off the courtroom scenes, it’s commendable because not only Arjun but, even we were surprised to see this avatar of hers.

And, when Maya brought in the topic of her miscarriage, we could see a glimpse of “dusky” as the expressions became soft but, in the very next moment, lawyer Saanjh was back again. Aneri was superb today and deserves all the appreciation.

The confidence with which she spoke in the court room, her questions that grilled Arjun and may be today’s Saanjh took Maya also off guard and that surely did blow us away!

Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh
Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh

Well, if today, the episode stealer award goes to Saanjh then tomorrow’s episode stealer award will definitely go to none other than, Maya Mehrotra.

Hope, you guys remember the precap. Wait! What am I talking about? It’s unforgettable and after watching the Precap, we cannot really describe how excited we are to see the psycho Maya’s Beyhadh – ness! (Yeah, I made a new word!) Do not miss tomorrow’s episode of Beyhadh!

Watch The Precap Below –

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!


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