Bidaai Season 2 Was Planned – Naveen Saini


Fuze got in touch with Naveen Saini who shot fame with his role as Vinu in one of India’s number one shows (Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai) by Rajan Shahi on Star Plus, it got off air on 2010, recently he joined film making, let’s get to know more about it from him……

1- Your view on Indian entertainment business today? …..

Indian entertainment industry is growing like anything and in todays time work is for everybody but I am feeling that on TV a lot of work is happenning, but because of competition and fear of TRP’s quality of work is going down and content is getting raped every day, but on the other side films are getting better and better, good scripts coming in, new directors and new talent is coming, so I am happy the way industry is growing.

2- News around that Bidaai 2nd season is in making,What do you have to say about it?….

Bidaai season 2 was planned, but now no idea when its going to come …..I just want to say that it should come soon, I want to be a part of that and I am proud to be a part of Bidaai’s team and will pray to God that it comes soon.

3- You joined film making, how the experience so far?….

Yes I have joined Film Making and so far my journey is satisfactory, I am going slow and wish will be successful in my planning and willl do something big in this industry.

4- What are your future projects? …..

Acting is my passion, right now my show Amritmanthan on Life OK is on and some more projects are in pipe line, will tell you soon when they start and also as Film maker few project are in pipeline and I am waiting for right time to come.

5- A message to your fans at

I want to give only one message to all the fans that whatever they do in their life, they should do with a lot of passion and OBSESSION, work hard and rest they should leave on God, do your job and forget about the result.


We at fuze wish Naveen a very good luck to all his future projects, stay tuned to more news on this space..



Reporter and author: Zainab

Editor: Avanti Tacker

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