Big Boss Format is Very Tough This Time! — Rajat Rawail


A frazzled and stressed Rajat Rawail who played Salman Khan’s friend Tsumani in Bodyguard, became the second inmate to get eliminated from the Big Boss house on Saturday, 28th September. He struggled with his health all through these 2 weeks he stayed in the house and his exit was respite for all the other fellow inmates as they were very worried for his health.

Rajat expressed himself saying that he is very happy with his exit from the house as he was missing his daughter a lot. He wanted to spread positivity and happiness all around the Big boss house during his stay but his health came in between his mission.

His stay in the house was decent and he also took part in household errands and performed his tasks assiduously but his health started getting bad and he felt suffocated in the house.

He said he finds the Big Boss format really tough this time round as the house is divided in two parts, Hell and Heaven and the tasks given also are very hard-hitting physically and mentally.

With Rajat getting eliminated, Big Boss also witnessed a new entrance Asif Azim, and things will surely Spice up now. Big Boss is getting gripping day by day.

Author: Alia T.


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