Bigg Boss 7 – Ajay Devgan’s Warning To Colors Sent Armaan To Secret Room?

Kushal Tandon
Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss 7

Colors Popular realty show Bigg Boss has always captured many eyes whether it’s the fights, the love or the controversial news that brew inside and outside the house. This season is no less in producing a content that is both helpful is gaining TRPs and also a lot of drama.

Yesterday’s episode witnessed the love confession of the two inmates Gauhar and Kushal that became one of the most highly anticipated confessions of Bigg Boss 7. The other two very much in love duo Tanisha and Armaan that are yet to confess their feelings vocally are one of the highlights of the show. Tanisha whose family is reportedly not so happy with what is happening in the Bigg Boss 7 house has created a lot frenzy outside the house. News to be believed after Ajay Devgan‘s warning to boycott Viacom18 if Tanisha is not evicted from Bigg Boss 7, the channel was under extreme pressure as this week was a Non elimination week. But it seems like Tanisha has survived the danger and it is Armaan who is shown the door.

Today a high drama in the Bigg Boss 7 house happened while shooting the special weekend episode with Salman Khan the condition went out of control which led the channel broadcasters had to stop the live feed for a while. It is also heard that Salman Khan was extremely upset and also entered the Big Boss 7 house and reprimanded Tanisha and Armaan in sternly firm terms on the way they were behaving inside the house.

Salman Khan was seen warning the duo Tanisha Armaan some week ago that there are 84 cameras around the house and his warning was taken very seriously by the two. But this time the things became more problematic both for the channel and the two inmates.

The producers of the show Big Boss7 and the creators of the show have now have taken a middle itinerary and they have alienated Armaan and Tanisha. Today on Weekend ka WOW with Salman Khan, Armaan Kohli is seen getting out of the show but he is only sent to a secret room for the time being and he is not evicted as this was a non-elimination week and the voting lines were closed.

Armaan will be able to watch the whole thing that’s occurring in the house via live feed provided to him on TV in the room, it is the bonus room where Gauhar and Elli where seen meeting their parents before.

A lot is expected in the coming week. Stay tuned for a lot more Spicy news about Big Boss 7.

Author: Alia T.

Graphics & Banner: Neha Sethi

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