Bigg Boss 7 – Fingers Raised On Salman Khan Again

Bigg Boss 7 - Fingers Raised On Salman Khan Again
Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 7 - Fingers Raised On Salman Khan Again
Salman Khan

A roller coaster of emotions erupted in the Bigg Boss house this past week as the much awaited return of expelled housemate Kushal Tandon took place. Colors’ Bigg Boss 7, which has been a part of major controversies nationwide, is yet again the talk of the town.

Tonight the nation witnessed the eviction of gori mem Elli Avram. Elli, who was notably host Salman Khan’s favorite contestant, was evicted after a stay of over two months. Earlier this week, Sangram Singh was defeated by Elli in a survival task and was nominated directly for next week’s eviction. In the house, Elli is known to be the most neutral participant. Her willingness to get along with all of the housemates was commended time and time again.

Amidst the eviction yet another controversy arose. Salman Khan, who is in the limelight for being biased towards some of the housemates, voiced his opinion on tonight’s Weekend Ka Wow with Salman Khan. The actor was seen favoring contestant Andy over Kushal Tandon.

Khan also revealed to the contestants that Tandon was attempting to isolate Andy from the rest of the housemates by provoking them against him. He called Tandon out on the fact that he encouraged others to vote against Andy in the task yesterday. Furthermore, he created an uproar amongst Bigg Boss fans when he contradicted his earlier statement with regards to Armaan Kohli. Viewers are in shock of the fact that Khan, who previously denied any ties with Armaan Kohli, is now sending messages to the contestant from his family stating he should stay away from contestant Ajaz Khan.

The biased behavior continued as Khan reprimanded Tandon for using the slang term “chamiya” for one of the housemates, while Kohli was noticeably let off the hook for using the term in a derogatory manner in a brawl between himself and Andy.

Khan’s involvement in the hot topics of the house have already led to hashtags such as #UnfairSalman on social networking sites such as twitter. It is clearly evident that by Khan voicing his opinions and revealing outside information to the housemates is influencing both the voters and the housemates. This can be looked at as manipulation of the voting system both in and outside the glass walls of the slowly demolishing Bigg Boss House.

Moreover, Salman also blamed most of the media reports on the internet sites as part of promotional PR (Public Relations) activity and denied to accept Kushal Tandon’s account about viewers’ thoughts on the basis of these media circulating reports. Speaking about internet, while all the housemates were given an idea about what the ‘janta’ thinks, why the makers didn’t bother to let them know that even #UnfairSalman keeps trending on Twitter blaming Salman Khan as a biased host in the show?

Whether or not Khan is correct is upon the audiences, but there is no question that he is no longer a neutral host. With the finale a mere 5 weeks away, audiences will have to wait and watch how this flame ignites a fire in the house in the coming week.

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Author: Diana Lydia

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  1. before calling salman unfair, y don’t u look at ur own post which z full of hatred towards Salman.U did not say even a single gud thing about Salman.God knows whether u will let my comment published over here.Moreover kushal has a PR already verified by his account when he left d show. Secondly salman doesn’t meet arman’s mom often and not family friends either but when kushal tried to sabotage andy’s image in front of every contestant, then salman/big boss team directly or indirectly might have tried to contact arman’s family.
    These contestants r 4m same industry&know every1 so people shudnt get emotional when these contestants get paid to create controversies which boosts trp of the show


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