Bigg Boss 8 : Ajay Devgan Replaces Salman As Host?

Bigg Boss 8
Bigg Boss 8 : Ajay Devgan Replaces Salman As Host?
Bigg Boss 8
Bigg Boss 8 : Ajay Devgan Replaces Salman As Host?

Salman Khan was the host of Bigg Boss for almost four consecutive seasons. The ‘Dabangg’ Khan did hit the bull’s eye with his controversial anchoring of the reality show on Colors.

However, Salman had to face umpteen number of criticism on social networking websites due to his faulty hosting in the last season of Bigg Boss 7. Earlier Salman Khan also claimed that he doesn’t want to host the show anymore.

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It was rumored then that Ranbir Kapoor would be hosting the show. Buzz also came around that Ranveer Singh will be the next sensational host of Bigg Boss 8. Both the rumors turned out to be false as now Ajay Devgan has been approached to host the next season of Bigg Boss.

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Ajay Devgan’s sister-in-law, Tanisha Mukherjee was also a part of the earlier season of Bigg Boss. Her stint with co-house-mate Armaan Kohli created a lot of buzz and controversies around the media circles. It was also alleged that Ajay Devgan had threatened Colors Viacom 18 that he would boycott the channel if Tanisha was not evicted out from the house.

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It was also claimed that host Salman Khan, who happens to be a good friend of Ajay Devgan was extensively partial towards Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli as he appeared to be inadvertently rude towards Kushal and Gauahar.

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Blamed with being partial and lacking subtlety in his hosting process, Salman Khan hinted earlier about ending his long time relation with Endemol’s Bigg Boss.

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As per the recent buzz Ajay Devgan would be hosting the show. However, the actor has expressed his doubts over his own hosting capabilities claiming that Salman Khan does a great job while hosting the show. Ajay said, “I really don’t know. I cannot comment on that – may be I will or may be not. I am not sure.”

About Salman’s hosting he said, “Salman does it so well. He is watchable. I don’t know if I can pull it off like Salman. I have not seen all the episodes, but a little bit here and there.”

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