Black Coffee Episode 5 : Now When Dhruv’s Move Has Backfired, What Turns Will His Life Take?

Black Coffee
Black Coffee

It was only Dhruv who emphasised the importance of taking life as it comes. He himself was telling Hemal that life cannot be ‘planned’ yet he had set up a plan for Hemal. And now look at the game of luck, Dhruv’s words became true for himself! As this time it is he, who is falling for Hemal.

He had made a plan in his life. He thought that he would take inspiration from Hemal for the muse of his next novel. But now his life won’t steer him into his plan, for life has some different plans for him, or shall we rephrase it – Life doesn’t have any plans for him, for Dhruv believes in living in the present!

Black Coffee
Black Coffee

The Hangover

Hemal suffered from a hangover from the last night’s party. And Dhruv predicted it all. Actually Hemal was doing what Dhruv was predicting.

Hangover, the confusion that followed after and Hemal’s hesitation to come and talk to him – Dhruv knew how she would behave.

He expected Hemal at his house, though she was not required to come. But little did Dhruv know what life was brewing up for him.

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