Bollywood Celebrities And Their Favourite Food!

Bollywood Actors

FOOD – Isn’t only something that we need to survive but for some it’s a source of happiness, a source of healthy lifestyle and something that actually defines your taste and fondness.

Hence, in the ‘Food’ section of Fuze, as a special feature, we bring to you the favourite dishes of your favourite Bollywood celebrities.

Take a look –

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan –

Certainly this handsome lad has a pretty quirky and a variable mix taste for food.

Including a dish from nearly every famous cuisine, the actor makes sure to satisfy all the taste buds with the plethora of flavors devouring in.

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Varun Dhawan’s favourite food comes from the Italian cuisine and it’s none other than Pizza.

The actor also loves to delve into any dish of Chicken and his favourite dessert includes Cheesecake and the Bengali sweet dish, Mishti Doi.

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