Broken But Beautiful 2 : You Just Can’t Afford To Miss This One!

Broken But Beautiful

When I first saw Broken but beautiful I thought it was just perfect. Okay wait I think I would have given it a 4.5 stars but yes it was a beautiful story, great dialogue, amazing songs and to the point direction. And I thought there was nothing could be better than that. However, I was still curious to know what happened in Veer and Sameera’s life. Would they be together again? Will they be able to heal and build on?

It is with these thoughts that I started the season 2 and right from the first episode it had me hooked again. All thru one keeps guessing will veer and Sameera realise that they are perfect for each other, will they ever be together and be happy?

This season in some respects is even better. In the first season, I just could not get my eyes of Vikrant (Massey) and feel with him. There were so many times that one wanted to just hug him. The hurt and the guilt and his emotions looked so real. While Harleen (Sethi) I thought looked pretty but in this season she just shines. She has got her acting game on for this season. Having said that I don’t mean to say Vikrant is not good but Harleen has my complete attention in this one. There are so many scenes in which I am just in complete awe of her. It is all about her guilt in this season and oh my God she just made another fan here. And the chemistry between Harleen and Vikrant is a treat to watch.

The makers have managed to stick to the theme and yet orchestrate a fine story line and infused new emotions. The story just grows on you and you cannot help yourself from binging this in one go and all the keep wondering will Veer and Sam be together again?

Broken But Beautiful

The music of season 1 was mind-blowing and even this time it does not disappoint. While Shamein is the song that is a rage on YouTube but my personal favourite for this season is Main Teri Hogayian. It’s on loop even after I finished binge-watching the show. And the title track still sounds so fresh. Overall, this is one show that you cannot afford to binge-watch especially considering how few good love stories we get to see on the web.

Ekta Kapoor has a winner in her hands with this one and we just can’t wait for another season of this show.

Surbhi Chawla is the editor at Mumbai Live and contributes to Fuze from time to time. 



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