Broken But Beautiful : Broken Can Be Beautiful ; All It Takes Is A Step From Pretend To Mend – TRAILER REVIEW!

Broken But Beautiful

AltBalaji is coming up with entertaining content, with intriguing concepts one after the other. And they are back again with their brand new offering Broken But Beautiful.

Who says, ‘Broken’ cannot be ‘Beautiful’? The official trailer of Broken But Beautiful is out and we say it indeed makes broken LOOK beautiful.

Starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi playing pivotal roles Broken But Beautiful seems to be a gripping ride of two broken souls thrown in the mix called ‘Life’.

As the promo starts rolling it showcases the life of two individuals and as their tale unfolds it is clear they are broken. With emotional baggage of their lives tagging along Veer and Sameera get entangled in a knot.

A knot that holds the key to snap away within seconds breaking them along the way.

Broken But Beautiful is a roller coaster story of emotions, torn between being crazy and normal and from ‘pretend’ being the mantra to being on the road to ‘mend’.

Broken But Beautiful

The promo is absolutely edgy and the emotions showcased by the characters are raw striking a chord. The music in the background is in sync and soothes the broken soul.

As the dialogue in the promo states, ‘The only way to mend a broken heart is from the pieces of another one’, so the question arises can Veer and Sameer fix and mend their broken hearts together or else will one heart remain ‘broken’ with beautiful memories in the end only time will tell.

The entangled knot of Veer and Sameera along with their better halves seems to be a grasping tale.

Broken But Beautiful official trailer is hands down BEAUTIFUL and we are sure the web series will be so too.

All episodes of the web series will stream on ALTBALAJI on 27th November 2018.

Have you watched the trailer of Broken But Beautiful yet? If not watch it below now.

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