Broken But Beautiful Is An Emotional Rollercoaster With Amazing Music – REVIEW

Broken But Beautiful 2
Broken But Beautiful
Broken But Beautiful

Web series are such a breath of fresh air for people who don’t want to watch something that goes on and on forever. There are definitive amount of episodes and a structured storyline and you can watch it anytime you want. The latest web series that have been released is – Broken But Beautiful.

The series is available on AltBalaji, and stars Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi. When I first read and heard about this story I was expecting a clichéd storyline but was completely in love with the songs. It has three songs and all of them are an absolute love. They were what prompted me to first go on and watch this series as soon as it went live.

The idea was to watch the first two episodes and write a first impression but then I got so hooked on to it that I binged watched the whole series and it was almost morning by then. So now here I am writing what I loved about this series.

Agreed, there are places in which the storyline looks predictable but the emotions are portrayed so beautifully that you can easily overlook the same and get immersed with what is being shown on the screen.

Broken But Beautiful

Disclaimer: spoilers ahead

Coming over to acting, Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi have both acted well in this series, I am a bit biased towards Vikrant. He is just so brilliant in! Mind you, he did have to portray a whole range of emotions in this series being a disconnected, escapist person still moaning for his dead wife.

The guilt that he was carrying is just so real and so is the anger that is emerging from his PTSD. The way he shows his genuine interest and connect with Sam as she is also trying to cope with something similar.

There were times I could see shades of Hrithik Roshan and Nakuul Mehta in Vikrant and all of them in a good way. I think he is brilliant in this role.

Harleen too is good in her part and also she looks so pretty. It is actually hard to take eyes off her. It would have been better if the other actors were able to do justice to their roles. Found the acting for both Vikrant and Harleen’s ex to be a little subpar. There was also Agni, who is shown as Harleen’s friend to be a little irritating in a few scenes.

Overall, Broken But Beautiful is a beautiful series and I love the way writers have decided to end this with a strong message of putting in the self love. Also at this stage have to again say the songs in this series are an absolute love. I always thought that Ekta Kapoor has an amazing ear and in this webseries we see that in full action! Watch the series now and let us know what you think of Broken But Beautiful.

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