“By the end of the day I want to be known as Farhan Khan”


Actor Farhan Khan who made his debut on Television with Sony TV’s ChhanChhan, speaks about his sudden exit from the show.

A lot of news and speculations has made rounds since the show went on air, about Farhan Khan’s replacement that he did not fit in to the role of Manav. He has since a long time maintained the silence about the rumours and focused only on his performance. But for the first time Farhan Khan speaks up about all the rumours and news that has been making rounds for the past 2 months.

Farhan Khan speaks up about the last news which says that Farhan Khan has got into depression and that the quote has been made by his family. “I am not in depression, I don’t know what media has been writing about me. I am very much happy, that I am out of the show, because I wanted to leave the show. No one knows but 12 days before I left the show I had told the production house that I wanted to leave. I want to make it clear I was not kicked out of the show, but I left the show myself”.

Farhan Khan continues about his family making a quote on him being depressed: “I don’t know with whom the media people spoke to, as my family is out of Mumbai for past 1-2 weeks. The news even said that I am blaming the production house, well it is the best production house I have ever worked with, and whatever has happened, is a mutual decision between us. Vipul Shah is a great person and I am not blaming anyone. At times things work out and at times things does not work out so no ones is to blame on it. And about my family saying that I am in depression is just something made up because more than anyone else my family knows that I am a fighter and to make Farhan Khan depressed you will have to kill him twice, as there is nothing which can make me depressed”.

Speaking up about the cast and crew and the rumours stating that Farhan Khan is not on talking terms with his co-stars he reveals. “Honestly Sanaya Irani and I have never been friends from the beginning. I respect Sanaya as an actress, but Sanaya has never liked me and we have not really been on talking terms with each other than professionally. And it is normal, that with some people you get along well while with others you don’t and that’s how it was with me and Sanaya. I don’t have any grudges against her, I wish her all the best in life, and may ChhanChhan rock and climb up on the TRP chart”.

“There was even rumours stating that the cast was not happy with me and didn’t like my company. Well I have no idea where these rumours came from, I know that people of my cast were crying on the day, I told them I am leaving the show and I still do get their calls, so I seriously don’t know which cast they are talking about”.

Farhan Khan has since the beginning put a lot of effort in his role as Manav and believes he did his best, but did the fans accept him? “From the first day I have put my everything in the role as Manav and I am happy I have got fans who appreciated my work and liked it. Of course everyone cannot like you and I completely understand that as it has just been very hard for me as fans still have not given up on Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti’s jodi. For them to see Sanaya Irani with someone else was very hard and it went out on me. I kept trying to fit in, while everyone kept comparing me with Barun. I don’t fit in Barun’s category, Barun is a different person and I am a different person. This has always happened on television, if you look 10 years back, we had Tulsi Virani and Mihir Virani, audience is still in love with the character and no one can replace them. The same goes with Khushi and Arnav, that they will always be their favourite and for someone else to act opposite any of them, they will always be compared to the original jodi”.

“I even read a lot of comments made on me, abusive comments or any kind of comment is welcome because it is their perception. Some people are writing so much good about me and some people are writing so much bad about me but it is surprising how some people can take television so much seriously but criticism makes me more stronger”.

Talking about his role in ChhanChhan he further says, “In the show I was not the protagonist, it was focused on ChhanChhan. The show didn’t go well for many reasons and the production house never blamed me and neither do I want to take the blame for the show not doing well. There were many facts like IPL, and fans wanted to see Sanaya with Barun after her last show, and as well audiences were trying to find Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon story in ChhanChhan, but they will have to realise that this is a complete different show and complete different star cast”.

Television is a place from where you learn a lot, and Farhan Khan has learned a lot from his 2 months time. “Apart from acting I have learned a lot of other things, like politics, which is a major part of the industry. We don’t only have to focus on the acting skills, but also the politics. I used to go on the sets and say good morning to everyone from co-stars to crew, spotboy etc. I was told that I should think about my reputation and that I didn’t need to say good morning to spot people or make-up artists. But this is not the way I am brought up, after all we are humans. I don’t have that kind of an attitude that just because he is earning lesser than me or is on a lower job, I will be impolite towards them. I don’t feel you need to have such kind of attitude just because you are an actor, I am not like that and will never be like that. But I have got my lesson and I have seen a lot of people writing negative about me, but everything is welcome, even criticism as that makes me stronger. This is not the end of life, I am young, I can talk, speak, eat and I am educated, so I believe there are a lot of opportunities ahead. My mom says I am the most handsome person she has ever seen, and I believe her, as moms don’t lie”.

Speaking about his future Farhan Khan says,”I am happy that I am not going to be known as Manav all my life as I want to be known as Farhan Khan. We have seen Shah Rukh Khan has done many roles in the name of Rahul, but he is still recognised as Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t want to be recognised by the character name but by Farhan Khan. I am happy I have done ChhanChhan but ChhanChhan is not the end of my life. ChhanChhan was a part of my life, which is not there anymore, but I am happy as the decision has been mine and I believe I have a lot to achieve in life ahead”.

Farhan Khan ends up by speaking about the days post ChhanChhan, “These days I am spending most of my time by reading and the weather is amazing these days so I am enjoying it. I had some meetings with different channels and I am happy for the decision I have taken. At times even these days when I walk on the streets people still recognise me saying “Ohh that is Manav”, which is a great feeling, but by the end of the day I want to be known as Farhan Khan”.



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