‘Choosing between Maan and Yash is impossible’-Gurmeet Choudhary


Here we bring you the hot hunk himself, Gurmeet Choudhary in an exclusive interview to fuzionproductions, where he talks about his view on IPL, his profession and fans.

Your views on IPL?
IPL is good and entertaining. Now there is also some fan following for various teams, but somehow I think that we are getting an overdose of Cricket via different tournaments. After a point it becomes boring.
The best and worst part of being a TV actor?
As a TV Actor best part is the kind of support one gets from their fans, the kind of love and adulation we get is so beautiful and touching. Worst part is that this is a very demanding profession. There is hardly any time left for oneself or the family. Working hours are very long and tedious. Besides that, due to space constrains in Mumbai, TV studios are very far and it takes a lot of time to drive to and back to home.
As per your show Punar Vivaah, do you also believe in remarriage?
Remarriage is not bad. If you find your soul-mate then why not? Many a times, when somebody loses his or her partner after marriage, then why should one spend their life alone? If you find somebody good and lovable then remarriage is good but one should not get into it as a compromise. Personally speaking I am very happy with my wife Debina and she is my first and last love.
Which character is much close to your heart Yash or Maan and why?
This is a very difficult and tricky question for me. Both the characters are different but  strong and close to me. I have lived the character of Maan for so long and he was my first character in a daily soap, so naturally he is so very special. Yash has added another dimension to the actor in me and I am growing with him as an actor. You are asking me to choose something impossible.
Message to fans at fuze – Thank you all for being my support. It is the love of you all that keeps us going as actors so please always be there. love you all….

Reporter: Zainab

Authors: Zainab and Hina





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