Christmas Decorations – Did You Know About The Meaning And Significance Of The Christmas Symbols?

Star for Star for Christmas Decoration

We all decorate our Christmas trees. But do you know the significance or meaning behind the different ornaments of Christmas decoration? Here’s a brief description of what means what.

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree –The green of a Christmas tree signifies eternity and hope. It signifies ‘life’ even during dark cold nights.

Bells for Christmas Decoration

Bells –Bells announce the arrival of the Christ. It’s the Church bells that are rung at midnight to announce the start of the Christmas Eve services. Bells also signify that Jesus Christ is the High Priest

Tinsels In Christmas Decorations

Tinsel –There’s an interesting story behind the usage of tinsels in Christmas decorations. It is said there was a poor mother who could not decorate her tree. At night after she slept, the spiders made round webs across the Christmas tree. When in the morning the sunlight fell on the tree, the circular webs glittered with gold and silver reflection. Since then the poor mother never remained poor. Tinsels in Christmas decorations signify luck and prosperity. Another story also says that silver tinsels were started to be used as Christmas ornaments to enhance the candle lights.

Candles for Christmas Decoration

Candles – Candles signify light. It signifies how Jesus brought light to the world and we welcome him by lighting candles.

Apples and berries for Christmas Decoration

Apples and Berries –Apples and berries are the essential ‘red’ elements used in Christmas decorations. They signify the blood and sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

Gifts –Gifts are an essential part of Christmas. The tradition is said to have started from the day of birth of Christ. When the 3 wise men arrived to meet Baby Jesus, they brought gold, frankincense and myrrh with them. Experience the joy of giving by giving gifts this Christmas.

Christmas Stocking

Stockings –Christmas stockings are also related to gifts. But there’s another interesting story behind this. It is said three poor sisters were in grave problem as due to less money they were in danger of getting sold. At night they had kept three socks to dry up on the Christmas Eve. When St. Nicholas arrived, he had put three gold coins in the 3 stockings thus saving the three girls from their bad fate. St. Nicholas is also said to be today’s Santa Claus!

Mistletoe – Mistletoe under normal circumstances may mean romance (The ‘kiss under the mistletoe custom?). Mistletoe is an aerial parasite that grows and often flourishes on a tree and supports other lives like birds. Hence, it signifies life despite death. It also symbolizes immortality, rebirth, life and also unity.

Wreath –The wreath is of circular nature for a reason. Its shape signifies no beginning and no definite end. It represents God. It represents immortality of life. It’s created with green leaves to represent life.

Star – The star of Christmas decoration represent the Star of Bethlehem. The 3 wise men who had visited Jesus apparently was guided by the Star of Bethlehem to reach Baby Jesus.

Christmas Caroles

Christmas Carole –Legends say when Baby Jesus was born, the angels started singing to welcome him and his arrival. Thus starting the custom of singing Christmas Carole.

From the entire team of Fuze, wish everyone Merry Christmas! May the holidays bring joy and togetherness to your and your loved ones.

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