I Was A Couch Potato As A Kid And I Still Go In a La La Land After Watching A Passionate Love Story – Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma

Her portrayal of ‘Maanvi’ in ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’ made us awe and kept us glued to our Television Screens. Her actions and reactions on-screen became an inspiration for many individuals across the globe. Fuze hereby presents the ever charming, cheerful and effervescent Nia Sharma in a righteous conversation revealing her untainted best.

1. One food craving that you have at night?
I don’t eat at night. So, every time I am awake till late night I start craving for food. Rajma Chawal precisely or I will munch a biscuit, a snack or fruits and then go back to sleep.

2. Your best fantasy as a teenager?
To become a supermodel and be a showstopper, winning an Oscar, doing a show on Star World, walking on the Hollywood Red Carpet and I think you did a mistake asking me about my fantasies.

3. What is the one task you would do, only if you are dared to do so?
Bungee jumping or I will jump from a plane..

4. What is the one thing that is attractive about Indian Television as per your opinion?

5. Things in boys/men that attract you towards them and things that irritate you about them?
A guy who speaks well, knows his manners to talk and approach a girl. Surely a good dressing sense and yes…if is a biker(wink) attracts me. On the other hand, guys who are too macho and think they’re the only men and can flirt with any girl they want, I would surely show them my hand!!!

Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma

6. Traditional or Modern. How would you define yourself?
I am very urban. Traditional isn’t my stuff. I am too comfortable and confident in the coolest of clothes and short and baby doll kind of dresses that I have.

7. India or Abroad, which one you would choose among the two to spend the rest of your life?
Make a mark out here in India and then I comfortably want to settle in abroad.

8. What is the definition of a perfect society for you?
A society that doesn’t intervene too much in the personal matters of a family, well educated, a healthy environment for kids to gather and play. I think it takes sensible people to form such a society.

9.Who is your favourite Author and which one would be your favourite Novel?
Except Facebook I barely read any other book. I can’t keep my ass straight at one place.

10. Love and Hate theme is on a rise now, both in television and titerary world. Do you believe that passionate hate and can give rise to irrevocable love?
These are two themes that connect with every age group. Hence, it is widely exposed and overused as a concept. I was a couch potato as a kid and I still go in a La La Land after watching a passionate love story. So, of course love and hate stories do cast a strong impact on the audience.

Note : This Is The Part I Of The Interview Extracted From An Unpublished Edition of Fuze Magazine Dated January 2013.



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