Daily Soaps : Do Time Leaps On Shows Really Boost TRPs?


When you’re dealing with a daily show, makers often introduce time leaps at crucial points of a show to rope in the viewers’ interest and also to boost the TRPs of the show. The question that remains is whether or not time leaps actually boost TRPs? Here’s a look at some shows that have or will take time leaps. Did the leap help the shows that already went through leaps?

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Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu

Colors’ Balika Vadhu recently took a time leap after Shiv’s (Siddharth Shukla) was killed off the show. Balika Vadhu took a 5 years leap and now the show is focusing on Anandi (Toral Rasputra) and her twins. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the death of Shiv and focusing on the twins work in favor of the long running show.


  1. As for JA is concern, leap after leap has destroyed the image of of the show . We fans never wanted to see only lovy dovy scenes of the lead pair, we wanted to see the political side of the great shahensha and his wife Mariuam Uz Jamani, jodha’s raise to power in mughal period, her numerous titles,her business capability, Akbar’s new religion,Their historical achievement etc..These are some of things they could have concentrated in detail for another year instead they choose make tracks for fake salim annarkali story which majority of fans worldwide hate and will never support,. The hurry in which they took leap after leap has completely misfired on them. Last but not the least Rukaiya, she was almost unknown person in history only few mentioned her, here they choose her as main vamp and made all other character as puppet in her hands, akbar as dumb wit with no brain,no will to punish her,she is free to commit murder,gives drugs to his son,and creating distance between son & father in fact all that is happening in this serial is all through her point of view,her audha,her hate,her jealousy,her emotion ina show named JODHA AKBAR was too much to digest.In Each and almost every frame her presense is shown, even in between any tender moments of the JodhaAkbar has irritated the viewers so much that instead of feeling sympathy for this neglected wife of Akbar we hate her to the core..Akbar had many enemies in his life time, they could have showed them and made interesting story around them but think tank of JodhaAkbar doesnt seems to have where to look for…Akbar never steps outside the harem in this show, he is shown as helpless father,which no body like to watch. We want to see glorified life history of jodha Akbar not some B grade Roni Dhoni saas bahu serial….They have still time to rectify their mistakes and stop salim annarkali and focus on main lead..and in no time Jodha Akbar will be on Top


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