Dastaan E Mohabbat – The 5 Things That We Loved About This Version Of Salim Anarkali’s Story!

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Dastaan E Mohabbat : Salim Anarkali

“Durr reh kar lamha lamha har ghadi woh yaad aaya, aaj baara baras baad mere aasmaan mein chaand aaya”

That’s what Salim said after seeing Anarkali for the first time after 12 long years.

So? Did the romantic person inside you just knock your heart reading that line? Or at least the dead or stupid poet made you gush?

The first week of Shaheer Sheikh and Sonarika Bhadoria in Dastaan E Mohabbat : Salim Anarkali went by last week.

Finally Salim and Anarkali are grown up. Salim is home and Anarkali has laid her eyes on Salim while the moon witnessed their and blessed their first meet.

So how was the start of this love story between the beautiful ‘kaniz’ and the invincible ‘shehzada’?

Here’s our take –

Dastaan E Mohabbat

Shaheer Sheikh As Salim –

For those who have seen him in Navya, Mahabharat and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi earlier, would be quite accustomed with how the actor expresses anger through his eyes.

As a viewer, I remember 3 distinguished sequences from the 3 shows where he expressed anger. Those big brown widened orbs and tight jaws – That’s how Shaheer Sheikh expresses anger.

From Navya, the scene wherein Anant had left his house after being humiliated by his family.

From Mahabharat, when Arjun returns from war and gets to know how the Kauravas killed his son, Abhimanyu and in the dark of the night he went on to attack them.

In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, whenever he came across Khatri, the man who threatened his mother occasionally.

And now, in Dastaan E Mohabbat, the man seems to be an angry ‘shehzaada’ by default who gets fumed up the moment he sees his father. Yet again, Shaheer Sheikh’s brown orbs and tight jaws do the job for you and you know that the prince is angry. Each time he is made to do anything in presence of or for his father, his temper goes up to meet the sky.

Dastaan E Mohabbat

And herein the same Salim is calm, poetic, composed, says a lot yet keeps silence when it comes to Anarkali.

He is also loving, caring and affectionate towards his mother. He is respectful towards his grandmother too and is a friend of friends.

When we had watched Navya and then Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, may be Shaheer Sheikh took 3 to 5 episodes to get into the skin of the character he was playing. But in case of Salim, we must say, he is Salim from Day 1.

Dastaan E Mohabbat

Some of his best scenes would be his first meet with Anarkali, his face off with his father and also the scene in which Salim expresses his thoughts and wonders how Anarkali will look, talk and be after 12 long years.

All in all, Shaheer Sheikh as Salim is impressive and if you are his fan, you will not be disappointed at all. And if you are not, then also he gives you no reason to dislike him much.

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  1. Watched all the episodes till now and must say that now i dont have any doubt Shaheer is the most versatile actor on tv right now, he can portray any character perfectly…
    first of all he looks so handsome as Salim, cant take my eyes off him when he is on screen.. be it his voice modulation, sword fighting scenes, the way he speaks in urdu, that sarcastic smirks especially the one when he fights with his brothers (loved that scene), his onpoint expressions… he is just perfect!!!
    After first week’s boring episdoes he literally brought a new life to the show, liked his chemistry with Sonarika… they look dreamy together
    but more than with Anarkali i’m excited for Salim’s equation with Akbar and his brothers


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