Dearest Sushant Singh Rajput – Never Forgive Us For We Are Responsible For The Fall Of Our Own Star

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

Dearest Sushant,

Don’t know where you are, but can you read from there? Hoping you can, this letter is for you. A telescope in Bandra is probably searching for you since Sunday’s solar eclipse. Don’t know if it can find you among the stars or on the moon. If it can, do read this.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

It’s been 10 days since you left us. But we are still not over it. Guess, we will never be over it. It’s not your loss. It’s our loss. It’s not your failure. It’s our failure.

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We can’t remember any other actor’s demise affecting the nation the way yours has. It’s been more than a week – And still the void is too much to be filled. Your family and friends are devastated, your fans are destroyed. Those who knew you are crying. Those who didn’t know you are also crying. Those who loved films are weeping, those who loved cricket are shedding tears, those who believed in charity are unable to fathom the loss, those who loved science are mourning. You just left leading us to deal with your tragic end during this already horrible year of 2020. Nothing seems interesting anymore. Nothing looks engaging enough to shift away our mind from your thoughts. We are stuck, in our minds, with you.

People are angry – Because with you a part of their hope and dream also went away. You know, we audiences are pretty emotional people. We start loving an actor when we fall for their character. And then to love another character of his, we keep watching the same actor and wait for him to come back on screen again and again. We don’t realize when the characters lose importance and the actor becomes more important. As an actor’s journey progresses, the viewer also keeps on making fond memories with him. When an actor departs, those memories that were a part of their lives also get wounded. And every wound hurts, Sushant. Your not being there anymore hurts pretty hard.

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11 years of your career and you gave us 11 hard hitting lessons to remember for the rest of our lives. 11 hard hitting lessons for our upcoming generations. These lessons are going to stay relevant for centuries and so are you. That makes us wonder, can you even die?

In Pavitra Rishta, you taught us how simplicity can be the richest asset of an individual. In Kai Po Che, you told us how important it is to dream and give life for a commitment. In Shuddh Desi Romance, you depicted the confusion of today’s generation. In PK, you taught never to lose hope. In Detective Byomkesh Bakshi, you showed us the strength of resilience. M.S. Dhoni was a true saga of aspirations, Kedarnath was a tale of ultimate sacrifice, Sonchiriya taught us to repent and correct. Chhichhore – Probably a film that must be watched by every single student of this country to learn how failure is the best teacher. Your upcoming Dil Bechaara will probably teach us how much love can be unconditional.

And then you left. Too early. Too soon. You could have taught us more, you know? This is not fair.

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Yes, we have been idiots of the highest standard. We have chosen the wrong films and tagged them as ‘mainstream’. We have been fools to not listen to you enough. We have been dimwits and solely responsible for making mediocrity the new normal. We have been a generation of dull and thickheads who have contributed in letting a faulty system grow.If the system is wrong, how can we be right?

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The human race is becoming too shallow and hollow Sushant. As much as we are progressing, that much we are getting regressive. In a mob of mediocres, an intelligent man is always made to feel like an alien. And those who do not support it, also maintain silence. It happens everywhere. In college, in office, at events, on the set, in entertainment industry, in IT industry – We have decided unconsciously that we won’t let excellence thrive. And we all are guilty of that.

It’s too late to say sorry – But we are SORRY. Sorry, that we are realizing the faults now, when it’s already too late. Sorry, that you had to go, for the masses to understand what needs to be changed. Sorry, that we didn’t say a sorry earlier. Sorry for being hypocrites. Sorry for being ignorant. Sorry for being not compassionate enough. Sorry that we are still defending ourselves. Sorry that we are not stopping our relentless rant and mourning in peace. Sorry for being sympathetic to you when you are no more. Sorry for building up those blatant and repulsive stories about your life when you were there and even now when you are not there. Sorry for bothering you so pathetically even after you are gone. Sorry for not letting you be in peace even now. Never forgive us. We don’t deserve it.

Nothing we do can bring you back now although we do want you back so desperately. During the release of M.S.Dhoni, you had tweeted out to a celebrity that you don’t have many fans and ‘they just like good films’. Wish you had known even after 10 days of your departure, how much and how many of your fans are weeping and crying for you. Wish you knew that we are trying to find different ways to forget that you are no more but are failing miserably. Wish you had known how much we all love you. You under-estimated our love for you, Sushant.

You had once said your being a teacher in a Physics Hons class is ‘bahut naa mumkin nahi hai’ during an interview of yours at the Niti Aayog. You explained your career risks in terms of game theory. Today while watching these interviews, we think why we didn’t dwell on your words then and instead kept on watching and reading about who said what on a stupid rapid fire or some equally absurd gossips. We are responsible for bringing this calamity. We are responsible for the fall of our star. It’s the fault in our stars. Your untimely departure has halted us somewhere. India lost its most precious genius artist, for every genius isn’t an artist and every artist isn’t a genius.

You loved the space and probably you went to space now. Tum aasmaan se aaye the, aasmaan mein chale gaye. Hum mitti ke log hain, zameen mein hi reh gaye. We can’t reach you anymore. But in case, you get a magical telescope… try to feel the love pouring on you in this earth.

In a galaxy far away, among the stars, hope you live on with happiness while we will keep celebrating your work until eternity. But still….will miss you forever.

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