Decoding The Lipstick Shades Of These 7 Glam Television Ladies!


Of course beauty comes from within, but lipstick just adds a little bit of pizzazz to it. Lipstick is one such makeup accessory which is noticed the most.

On a bad day, there is always lipstick. It has that instant effect on any costume and mood. The right colour in your lips has the ability to put everything in the right place.

A shade which looks good on you, goes well with your outfit and overall makeup will make you feel confident and attract attention.

The television fashionistas too do not stay away from this extraordinary makeup. Trying different shades, type and varieties, they keep on changing and experimenting with the lip colours.

Here we present 7 clicks of some popular actresses of the telly town and decode what their lipsticks are like!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your lipstick and pull yourself together on a ride of lip colours of your favourite actresses –

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget

No matter what your age, the pink lipstick suits everyone. Pink works on all skin complexions. Choose the right shade and your pink lipstick will take you places.

Moreover pink is a universal girly colour. Girls will agree with me that most of them entered the world of lipstick with the pink shade!

Jennifer in this picture wears the Barbie Pink lipstick in style. Makeup done by Mukesh Patil, Jennifer shines bright in this Pink shade which suits her overall look.

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