Did You Know Randeep Rai Has Done A Commercial Which Featured Kareena Kapoor? WATCH VIDEO HERE!


It’s not often when we get to see our television actors sharing the same frame with the highly renowned Bollywood superstars. And moreover so, when the present known television actors were not identified back then.

Randeep Rai, the budding Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai actor, has done many commercials before he was a part of mainstream television.

And in his early career, he was lucky enough to be a part of an advertisement of a product which had Kareena Kapoor promoting it!

Yes, you read that right. In 2013, the consumer electronics company iBall had released a new mobile phone in the market.

The product being called Andi Udaan mobile phone. Kareena Kapoor can be seen promoting it in one of the commercials, and there we can spot Randeep Rai too!

Sharing screen space with a star like Kareena would have meant a lot to the actor and would have certainly given a boost to his confidence. Randeep went on to do more commercials after that and also took up some episodics and TV shows.

To top that the mobile phone which is in discussion was said to have an SOS safety feature for girls which grabs attention.

Randeep can be seen in the advertisement which has Kareena Kapoor as the leading actor. He can be seen wearing a hat.

Have a look at the iBall Andi Udaan mobile phone commercial –

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