Did You See These Three Recent Romantic Promo Videos On TV?


We can’t enough of love stories ever, now can we? But to be honest, after a little while the Indian TV can get a bit cliched for a daily viewer.

So if you are amongst the ones flipping the channel and romance is what rules you, then your wait is over.

The splash of romance is going to spread in a show with two brand new ones are on your way with all new and revised ‘Laila’ and ‘Majnu’.

Note the dates, grab the remote and choose the one you would want to binge on.

1. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Abir’s feelings for Mishti are no longer a slave to the confines of his heart and are all over his mind too. He is lost in love which is out in front of him, he’s fighting a feeling that can’t be controlled. Wait to see how Abir would resist the urge to love.

2. Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki

Love has no boundaries but reality is far from it. The chains of caste have always blinded our society to pay the least heed to love and life. Looks like this new pair of love birds is all set to challenge the societal norms of ‘conditional love’.

3. Tujhse Hai Raabta

While one moment it’s the most intense and passionate love can get amidst ‘Kalma’, drenched and addicted to each other in the rain of love, but the next moment its a twist of fate for Kalyani. Whom do you think will she chose between her mother and her love ?



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