Dil Dosti Dance – Kria All Set To Propose Rey!

Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance: Rey and Kria
Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance: Rey and Kria

Kria would be seen confessing her love to Rey in Dil Dosti Dance, how will Rey react?

Cinevistaas’ Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V has been entertaining the audiences’ right from the start. The show has the aura of young and freshness affixed and suffixed to it. It seems as if the show has more to offer its upcoming episodes.

The current scenario focuses on the sadness lingering around with the thought of Kria (Shakti Mohan) leaving D3 gang, Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and going away. While Rey and the D3 gang are doing everything to make sure Kria’s  days are memorable before her leaving. All the current moments between Rey and Kria are really admirable and the audience cannot help but go all ‘Aweeee..So Sweet’ for the two of them.

While it is evident that both Rey and Kria are uncomfortable with the fact that Kria is yet again going to leave neither of the two right now are expressing their feelings to each other. But it is said that true love can never be forgotten. It is crystal clear to this day that both Rey and Kria have feelings for each other.

In the upcoming episodes of the show the audience will witness Kria tearing her ticket and deciding to stay back if it helps so many careers. We somehow feel the bigger reason for Kria deciding to stay back is Rey and the love she has for him which is holding and forcing her to stay back.

The recent promo of the soap showcases Kria going down on her knees and professing her love to Rey and in a very simple way asking him ‘Kya Aap Mere Saath Forever Dance Karna Chahenge‘. We believe this moment could not have been more beautiful and special.

Dance is what connected Rey and Kria in the past then came their friendship and love. Then came pain, anguish, hurt and now the show is at a phase where ‘Dance’ has yet again brought them together rekindling their dosti and dil again. Kria asking Rey if he would want to dance with her forever indeed is a very sweet proposal.

But now the question still remains what would Rey do? Will Rey accept or reject Kria’s love confession? Will the past truths open up paving a way for Rey and Kria’s future? All this and more would be known as and when the story of ‘Dil Dosti Dance’ progresses.

For now Rey and Kria fans can grin and bask in the glory of Kria’s love confession to Rey.

Don’t forget to watch Dil Dosti Dance; Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM, only on Channel V.

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Author: Surya Ravi



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