Dil Dosti Dance : Loads Of Fun In The Coming Week

Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance

A Mini Mela and a Pajama Party coming up in Dil Dosti Dance.

Cinevistaas’ Dil Dosti Dance is clearly on a high and the creative team are making sure to keep the viewers’ interest intact in the show. The coming episodes of Dil Dosti Dance promises to be with loads of fun and happy times.

In the coming episodes it will be seen that Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) in order to make Kria (Shakti Mohan) happy and to make sure she enjoys herself, he would plan a mini mela. It would also be interesting to watch as Rey will be seen asking Kria for her wish. What would Kria wish for? What would she reply Rey that would be something to wait and watch out for.

Furthermore it would be seen that Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) and the girls of the D3 gang plan to give a surprise to Kria. The surprise would most likely have something to do with ‘Pajama’ party. While in the girls night, pajama party would be in full-swing it would be fun to know about Rey, Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and D3 boys reaction to the news of girls having Pajama party.

Rey and Swayam would want to gate crash the girl’s pajama party. We are sure the two of them surely will hatch a plan to crash the pajama party. It looks like there would be bundle of hilarious, fun moments ahead.

Further,Swayam would be seen asking Sharon (Swayam and Sharon are having problems in their relationship currently) to pretend as if everything is alright in between the two of them in front of others.

Will Sharon agree to what Swayam is asking? It is something to be waited and watched out for. We also feel that Rey and Kria being such good friends of Swayam and Sharon would be able to see through their pretense facade.

It seems like Dil Dosti Dance surely has some very interesting sequences lined up in order to entertain the audience.

So are you looking forward for this week’s Dil Dosti Dance do let us know in the comment section.

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Author: Surya Ravi


  1. So Swayam and Sharon lives is all about entertaining others? Is it making any sense? And creatives expect us to enjoy this?? All is fine between swayam and Sharon???woww..This is nth time m seeing SwaRon behaving like this. same old scenes with zero creativity and more of Kriya inclusivity in swaron storyline. its not any bit amusing and it has destroyed our swaron. Swayam and Sharon also have their own lives. They cannot focus on others and dedicate their lives for others. Why ameeta mam is not listening to what swaron fans want to see for swaron?? We want exclusiveness for swaron and a meaningful storyline eliminated with Kriya glorification. Its just so annoying.


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